Friday, February 19, 2010

The Notebook!

I found a blog

And the writer - Lauren - is doing a project. She's sending a notebook around to anyone who is interested and they can write anything on one page in the book. So I signed up!

It's traveling around the States for a bit then it'll come to me.

I'm excited, but a little nervous...what do I write? What should I say? Should I talk about my experiences living overseas? Should I talk about my cutie patootie husband? My furbabies?

Lauren also wants a postcard and a photo of me and the book. Now I do have some ideas about and the book in front of the Burj al Arab, or me and the book with a camel, or me dressed in an Abaya with the book. The possibilities are endless and intriguing.

It'll be a few months before the book makes it my way so I'm thinking about what to write. I want it to be good because I'm sure the other participants are going to read the entries.  I know I will be!

And when the book is completed Lauren is checking into having it bound so we can purchase a copy.  I can't wait to see the finished product!

It'll be about 2 years or so until it's finished so it'll be interesting to read my page and see where I was in my life when I participated in comparison to where I'll be when it's finished.

I wonder how many countries the book will end up in? And how many of them will be in the Middle East.

It's very exciting!!!

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