Monday, February 22, 2010

COFFEE, I must have COFFEE

My housemaid is on vacation.

Yes, I have a housemaid.

No, we're not rich.

A housemaid is about the only cheap thing here in Dubai.

And we have a housemaid to take care of the animals when we are out of town because there are no good kennels.  Ones that we trust anyway.

She actually saves us money because we don't eat out nearly as much when she's home.

Anyway I totally digress.

She's on vacation for a month and therefore I have no coffee.

Yes I know I can fix it myself - after all I'm the one who taught her how to make coffee.

But if you remember...I'm so not a morning person.

And even though coffee from home is better than coffee out (unless you're in Italy of course) I just can't seem to get up the extra 20 minutes earlier to make it.

Soooo I have to go and get it from Starbucks. 

And I have to say, as much as it pains me, my housemaid makes coffee way better than the little guy at Starbucks.  And I do mean little - he's about an inch or so shorter than me.

So I'm sitting here, no coffee, psyching myself up to walk down to get me one.

I really need my coffee.  We all know how I get when I don't have one.


So here goes.


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