Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm obsessed.

With Coffee.

With Wallowing.

With my comfortable American King Bed.

With my Down Pillows, from America, on my American King Bed.

With my Husband.

My poor husband, he came last on the list. 

He may be last on that short list, but he's not least, and he understands. 

He knows I love him most of all...

He knows I'm obsessed with wallowing on Friday mornings and coffee.

And he loves me.  So he indulges me.

It also gives him a chance to work, surf the net, and watch TV programs I don't like...

Guess What?!

Noooo not Chicken Butt!

It's almost Friday.

I didn't get to wallow last Friday because we took our housemaid to the airport.

But I did wallow on Saturday - but it's not the same.

And I felt guilty because my husband was going out of town. 

But this Friday, THIS Friday I'm going to wallow.

Wallow, Wallow, Wallow!


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