Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Well today I've seen a couple of blogs that I like, or really photos held in a couple of blogs.

This one:

Is modern art - and I usually don't like modern art but this was really good.

And this one made me chuckle this morning which is pretty impressive, because as you know, I am NOT a morning person.

And I like this one - it made me smile, most likely because I'm pro choice and I'm pro gay rights (is that the term you use when you think all people should be treated equally regardless of their sexual orientation?).

What can I say I have a bit of an off sense of humor.

And I'm know what sounds good right now?  A pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw.  YUM!

Look at it:

I want it!  But I can't get it here in the UAE.  I can get pork products - you have to go back to the porn oops I meant to say pork room to get them, but it's just the meat.  It's not cooked and presented so beautifully to the public.  Every time I go into the little pork room in the back of the grocery store I feel a little dirty, a little naughty. 

Like I'm a bad, bad girl.

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