Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's our Honeymoon!!!!

Not really - it's our 8 year anniversary trip - but I like to call it our honeymoon.

I'm in the airport lounge - thank you my husband for being a points whore!

Away from the masses - which means I get a nice breakfast, free internet connection, alcohol if I want it (but at 7am it's a little early for me), I'm charging all my electronics (can't fly without my ipod fully functional), and the bathrooms are more private and very clean.

Unfortunately I'm not getting upgraded b/c my flight is not full.


But since I'm off to meet my hubby in Switzerland who cares!?

We're going to Bern and from there we're going to drive around and explore the towns and country side.


I love Switzerland it's so beautiful and relaxing.

And I'm going to do a bit of shopping.  Man do I love shopping - I don't even really have to buy anything - I just love to browse.

I love to browse in countries that are older because you see really interesting shops, crafts etc...

Dubai doesn't really have a developed crafty side.  I'm not sure why...since it's such a young country you would think things like embroidery would be really popular - but not so much.  

They mostly have it done in India then shipped over.

I guess it's cheaper that way.

So I'm going to see if I can find some yarn, thread etc... to buy, to look at, to touch!

We're also going to buy a new camera - the Canon SX210 - in black.

I'm very excited about that, although my other camera is now working again.  It was a bit damaged after the Thailand trip - it was doused with water - but it seems to have recovered.

---btw the guys sitting next to me - they are German and one of them is really tall and athletic looking.  He just pulled out the tiniest computer I've ever seen!  I'm not sure how his big hands are going to be able to type on the thing....

Ahhh - he's a one finger typer!

Anyhoo - I'm going to go now - I'm going to attempt to transfer more of my travel blog over to this account.


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