Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm an Artiste!

Look at what I did...

I went to a place called the Jam Jar where you choose a canvas ( I chose the largest one) pay a fee then paint!

The Jam Jar provides all of the necessary materials - paint, brushes etc... you just have to paint.

Each session is 4 hours and you can break up the time anyway you want.  This was my painting after the first 1.5 hours.

It was my first time painting anything.  Ever.

After my second session I finished with this...

I had a blast painting it!  The colors they had at the Jam Jar were so bright it inspired me to paint this scene.

Tulips because I'm not sure how to draw any other flower.

Sheep because the picture needed something aside from tulips.

And clouds because I love white, fluffy, clouds in a bright blue sky.

This is my first painting and I won't sell it right away...I'm going to hold out until "they" are clamoring for my paintings.

And when they are selling for tens of thousands of dollars.

Only THEN...

Will I consider selling this, my most special of paintings....

The first.

This one will sell for hundreds of thousands.

Maybe millions.

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