Sunday, May 23, 2010

I'm CURED!!!

Not of my insanity, just of my illness.

I lost 5lbs.

But I wouldn't recommend this method of weight loss. 

It's really not pleasant.

I've made progress on the shower - sugared almonds have been found and purchased.

If I had realized that it would be a bit of an effort to find those here I would have bought them in Switzerland.

They even had some in our hotel room when we arrived - they had the perfect amount of sugar coating and a thin layer of chocolate over the almond.

Sammy and I ate the whole bag - it was a small bag - but a tastee bag.


Next item to check off the list - cake.

French pastry chef here I come!

The question is - can a French pastry chef make a baby shower cake?  Or will it be too fancy?  I don't want some kind of weird croissant type of cake - I want a real cake.

But if I don't like the cake I'm still getting the Macaroons.

I'm going to gain back those five pounds at this party...

My next post will be about my artistic blossoming and my first art critic.

Who by the way loves my work, and I quote:  "Is that yours?  It's beautiful!"

Out of the mouths of babes the truth spews forth...

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