Monday, April 5, 2010

Twilight - the Saga

I found this website:

It's 95 reasons why you shouldn't read Twilight. 

And, OH MY GOSH do I love it!!!!

In case you didn't already know I'm not a Twilight fan.

Main reason:  Edward is a pedophile.

What 117 year old man is going to find a 16 year old girl interesting?

Bella looks more like a 13 year old boy than a woman, so he's not interested because she looks like a woman.

So pedophile.

It's the only explanation.

My favorite reasons on the list to not read Twilight are:

26.  Her vampires sparkle. Enough said.
28.  There is too much face touching.
45.  Bella.
46.  Bella is Edward’s beard.
48.  Straight men sparkle?
51.  Edward Cullen is sparkly; crows like sparkly things.
59.  She had only been in Forks for a month when Edward had been watching her sleep for two months. (Ha ha ha!)
65.  The reason Edward can’t read Bella’s mind is because she doesn’t have one.
77.  A hundred years difference = pedophile.
I understand that I'm not the demographic that this book is aiming for - but I think I would have had a hard time with this one even when I was 16.  It's creepy when a man goes after a child. 
And I love this list because it states the one thing that kept me from even considering this series, the age gap.
And he's sparkly - really?  Sparkly?

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