Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Help me to understand...

This article:


Why in is an evangelist speaking at the Pentagon? 



Separation of Church and State - does anyone remember this?

This article is concerned about the fact this guy (Billy Graham's son no less) insulted Muslims.

When they really should be freaking out about the fact this guy was even invited to speak at the Pentagon!


People act crazy when you start mixing religion with politics - every religion thinks there's is the "right" one.  And when you start mixing that with politics you get religious politicians trying to shove their "morals" and "values" down everyone else's throat.

For example - Bush removing all funding to clinics who offer abortion, and removing funding to schools who teach any form of birth control other than abstinence.  It's all fine and well if you don't believe in abortion or birth control - but don't shove your beliefs onto me. 

I do believe in a woman's right to choose and I do believe in educating teenagers on birth control.

If you don't you should be able to opt your children out of that type of education but you shouldn't be able to opt my children out.  The same goes with the right to choose - if you want to make that decision for yourself fine - but don't presume to make decisions regarding my life and my body for me.

Religion and politics is a slippery slope - someone on their high and mighty horse trying to force what they think is right on the masses is just a dictatorship waiting to happen.

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