Friday, April 2, 2010

Progress Report

Well, I've been thinking....

What... are you sinking about?

Well, I'm thinking about what the hell I can do in this ridiculous country if I'm stuck here for the next 2 - 3 years.

This is what I've come up with so far...

1. Join Fitness First - Because....

I need to get out of the house during the week and it's right across the street from where I work and I need to lose weight

2. Become so busy I don't have time to breath, in order to do that I believe I'm going to...

Get an Master of Science in Accounting and Financial Management

There is an online program that SP told me about at the University of Maryland which has an accredited online Masters in Accounting. 

And it's a lot cheaper than the University of Phoenix. Too bad I didn't find it when I was looking at MBA's I could have had mine for 1/2 of what I paid UoP.

Live and learn.

3. I need to find a new J.O.B.! 

I can't do the monkey work anymore.

My brain is totally dying. I'm going to start drooling and shuffling around the house if I don't do something about it soon. 


I'm going to identify large multinational corporations who have operations in Dubai and
Look into the big 4 here to see if they are any better than they were when I checked them out 2 yrs ago.

So I figure if I'm busy at work, and I'm busy at home that won't leave me anytime to think.

We'll see....

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