Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Are we human? Or are we dancers?

I didn't make either one of my goals yesterday. I had some dark chilli chocolate and I didn't exercise.

But...this morning I did sit ups and push ups and I lifted my 5lb weights AND I stretched.
There you go and here we are.
My new goal today is to not eat sweets.  I already feel weak though because it's "THAT time of the month"
Anyway I got nothing else today.
Except it's Thursday - which is my Friday.
Which means that tomorrow is Friday - which is Sunday.
And that Ladies and Gentlemen means I get to....
Oh yeah baby!  Just like Queen Latifa in Last Holiday on the wonderful sheets in the Grand Hotel Pupp.
Wallow, wallow, wallow.
Then coffee...
I can't wait!

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