Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Oh Yeah Baby!  The republicans are starting to take it back!  Virginia and NJ now have Republican Governors.

I had no sweets yesterday and only did the 10 sit ups - I did 10 more this morning - so CLEARLY I won't be doing any excercising at night.  

At least right now.

So my little goal today is rolling over from yesterday.  

No sweets, 10 sit-ups.

I need some coffee.

I'm going to Amsterdam on Friday...I've decided I'm not giving up on my mid-life crisis.

I don't have any children to impress with my wild ways, but I do have my self respect.

And self love.

And how can I look myself in the mirror if I don't do something crazy? 


And it should rate something...unless of course mid-life for me is 50. 

ohhhh - maybe I should drag my mid-life crisis out for the next 10 years.  Do something really crazy every year or six months. 

Then when I'm old I can be like those women they put on the History Channel chronicling their crazy insane lives. 

They can say things like "in her day women didn't normally [insert crazy act here] but Judith was a rebel".  "She was doing [insert another crazy thing here] when women her age were doing [insert normal thing here]".

It's something to think about.

I wonder if my husband could stand 10 years of crazy?

I wonder what crazy things I should do?

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