Sunday, November 1, 2009

Freak Out!

This morning I about had a melt down.

I couldn't find my passport. 

I leave in 4 days to meet SP to have a girl's weekend, and I couldn't find my passport. 

And I didn't remember putting it up after my last trip - which was only 2 weeks ago.

So I called the housekeeper, I called the cab service, and then I went online to the US Embassy in Dubai.

I should be able to get a replacement in a day, right?


It takes 7 because they are processed back in the States.

Talk about a freak out session.  Now I have to cancel everything.  The hotels, the flight, and worst of all - I can't see my BFF, SP. 

Who took off a week of work, and was leaving her chillins at home with their father.  So we could have a mid-life crisis, girly weekend, drinking whiskey and smoking cigars together.

To celebrate my birthday - my big 4.0.

And I 'm really freaking out.  Just about ready to burst into tears when...

The phone rings.

It's the housekeeper.

She found my passport - she put it up in a "little drawer" and forgot about it.

Thank God.

I can't wait for my vacation to start.

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