Monday, November 2, 2009

Obama and Healthcare

I am against this universal healthcare crap he's trying to push thru.  But I need to gather my thoughts and research before I write more. 

I met my goal yesterday for sweets - but I didn't do my 5 sit-ups until today - so I did 10 this morning. 

Can that count for yesterday if I do 5 more tonight? 

I'm going for the same Goal today.  Maybe I'll try a weekly goal starting next week - after my vacation!  Right now daily is all I can handle.

My husband told me I'm going bald.  Now I'm freaking out and need to see how to keep my hair in my head. 

I don't want hair plugs.  They look weird.

But if I have to I will.

Or maybe I'll just shave it all off and go around bald. 

Or wear head scarves and hats.

Comb overs are not attractive.  But I guess no hair isn't that attractive either.  But no hair would be more dignified than the comb over.

Just call me Kojak.

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